Content Marketing

Old-school advertising doesn’t work very well any more. Modern consumers fast-forward through TV commercials, toss junk mail, block Spam, and largely ignore ads along the edges of their tech devices.

Instead of harassing people with offers they don’t want, content marketing gives consumers genuinely helpful information that educates, entertains, or touches their emotions.

Good content marketing isn’t about serving an agenda. It’s about providing insights, solutions, and trustworthy information. When businesses talk with Internet audiences, rather than at them, it creates a relationship that builds awareness and trust.

Our emphasis is on earned media. When your brand releases content that is fresh, interesting, and authoritative, publishers are willing to link to it and readers are happy to share it. That creates a ripple effect that boosts all of your company’s website metrics.

CGLO Media will develop a custom content strategy for you based on:

  • Where your business is now in terms of content and engagement
  • Your goals and objectives
  • Your time frame for achieving those

Whether you’re looking for an awareness campaign that will introduce your brand to a large market, or a conversion-focused campaign that will get potential customers off the fence – we can craft the content to do it.

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